Toastmasters Speech 8: Get Comfortable with Visual Aid

A pictures speaks a thousand words. In this project, use visual aids to communicate more effectively with your audience and connect with them. Objectives The aim is to select appropriate visuals aids and use them to enhance your speech. Evaluation criteria Clarity of Visual Make sure that the visuals are clearly visible. If you are … Read moreToastmasters Speech 8: Get Comfortable with Visual Aid

Toastmaster speech 4: How to say it

In our company there are wide-open opportunities for professional growth with a company that enjoys an enviable record for stability in the dynamic atmosphere of aerospace technology. How many times did you have to read the above sentence to understand its meaning? Now imagine someone speaking in a similar manner for an entire time span … Read moreToastmaster speech 4: How to say it

Toastmaster Speech 2: Organize your speech

As a speaker you need to deliver an idea to the audience. The purpose of your speech is to persuade them to do some action. The secret behind gaining an audience reaction is a well-organized speech. A well-organized speech is easy to understand and remember. It also ensures undivided attention of the audience and their … Read moreToastmaster Speech 2: Organize your speech