About Me and RockThatSpeech.com

Hey! If you’re reading articles on this blog, you must have probably wondered:

  • Who is the guy behind the blog?
  • Is he genuine? Or, why the heck should I follow him?

Nice! I love questions.

I’m going to provide you some good answers. This is going to be long but I’ll try making it real and interesting at the same time.

Let’s get started…

I am Raushan Jaiswal and I’m the writer/creator of RockThatSpeech.com.

I’ve been marginally obsessed with public speaking since 2012 when I was introduced to Toastmasters by my current public speaking mentor.

Since then I’ve written and delivered several speeches, and won dozens of certificates. I’ve also achieved Competent Communicator title, an accolade offered by Toastmasters International for Public Speaking and Leadership Skills.

If that sounds fun, let’s get to the longer and detail version of me.

My “Background”

I was a talented student during my school. I was good as a non-native English speaker/writer ( though I consider myself bad at enunciation and grammar). I gave a number of speeches in my school and sports (chess) events, for all of which I was scared as hell.

During one speech, my body was shaking like a leaf and I was so frightened that I completely forgot my speech.

Long story short, public speaking scared shit out of me.  Sounds relatable, right?

Then it changed…

It was a Saturday morning, 10th November 2012. I was volunteering for the first WordCamp event in Nepal.  There I met Suman Shakya, an amazing speaker, and currently my public speaking mentor.

I had seen him a couple of times in different events but never had a chance to talk to him personally. That day he told me about Toastmaster and invited me to attend a Toastmaster meeting. I was happy to know Toastmaster public speaking program helps to overcome the fear of public speaking and there are thousands of Toastmasters clubs around the world, 3 clubs in Nepal. Cool.

I attended the Toastmaster meeting and joined the club the same day. That changed my life forever.

I gave my ice-breaker speech a month later and I overshot my speech duration by a lot. That was embarrassing. But, I learned a lot from the feedback received by my speech evaluator and other Toastmasters.

Since then I’ve given several speeches, some of which were amazing and some were terrible. In fact, I’ve been politely asked to repeat a few speeches by my evaluators. One speech 5 times! The sixth time, I nailed it like a boss.

I’ve also won several certificates of my speeches.

Public speaking has helped me to know the funny side of myself. I never knew how to tell a joke. I still can’t tell one.  But, I can guarantee you I’ve made the audience in the room laugh uncontrollably through my speeches.

Starting the “Blog”

This is not my first blog and it will not be the last one. I often write about web technology (WordPress) and marketing through my other blogs. I share what I’ve learned, and bring people together to exchange ideas.

I intend to do the same with RockThatSpeech.com. I’ll be writing about my journey in public speaking, share tip and strategies that I’ve learned, and bring talented speakers together to share their experience and knowledge.

My life outside of public speaking

I love startsup/entrepreneurship. It’s on my mind almost 24/7. I’m co-owner of RaraTheme.com and Codewing.co

Prior to entrepreneurship and public speaking, I was obsessed with Chess. I used to play chess tournaments regularly and won several tournaments. I also had the opportunity to represent my country twice in Asian Junior Chess Championship and once in World Junior Chess Championship. These days I don’t play chess tournaments but play it for fun and teach chess to the younger generation.

I’ve been learning Latin form of dances – Salsa and Bachata – for some years now and I enjoy it a lot.

I love hiking, cooking and sleeping 😉

That’s what my life is all about…SO FAR!

I guess I’ve answered some of your questions about me that you wanted to know. I surely feel that this should make you comfortable with trusting it all.

If there’s anything more, you can always send me an email stating whatever you want to know. I usually answer in a day or two.

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