The Art of Making Informative Speech: Informative Speech 101


Learn all the basic tips and tricks to make great, outstanding persuasive speeches every single time. You will be able to impress audiences, earn respect among your colleagues and friends with the simple, practical exercises in this course. Your level of confidence of stage will be absolutely phenomenal and speech writing will become much easier.

Build a strong set of skills to help you conceptualize, write, format, practice and deliver great persuasive speeches for all levels, that get you encouraging feedback every single time.

  • Understand the importance of persuasive speeches.
  • Understand how your personal brand helps to enhance your speech.
  • Get a step by step guideline to choose your topic.
  • Understand how to organize and format and write a persuasive speech.
  • Learn the importance of Body Language and Vocal Variety in persuasive speeches.
  • Get specific, practical tips that help you assimilate all the above and create compact, memorable speeches.

Mastering Persuasive Speeches is an invaluable skill

Learning the basics of Persuasive Speaking will help you shine out in your profession. Confidence is a great asset for any speaker and this course teaches you how to master it, in a very practical, project based manner.

I can personally vouch for all the benefits I have had by knowing how to make persuasive speeches effectively.

Content and Overview   

This course is suitable for all levels of speakers; those who want to be slowly guided as they prepare to make persuasive speeches on stage.

You will be taught in a practical manner.

Special focus will be placed on helping you brand yourself to maximize the impact of what is being said on stage.

Speech organisation will be taught in great detail, including speech Opening and Conclusion, which will help you maximize the impact as you make speeches that grab the attention of the audience and retain them till the end.

You will be taught how to develop your speaking voice, and how you present yourself as you speak. Body language and voice modulation have a major impact on audience’s perception of the speaker and you will learn how to use them to your benefit.

Finally, you will learn how to prepare persuasive speeches; how to practice, how to prepare yourself on D Day and how to walk up to that stage and impress them EVERY SINGLE TIME!


Course Curriculum

Informative Speech
Why am I am the best person to be teaching this informative speech course! FREE 00:01:42
How To Study And Why This Course is Like Your Buddy FREE 00:01:03
What are Informative Speeches 00:01:41
Who Needs to be Master Informative Speeches? 00:01:18
How to Write an Informative Speech FREE 00:05:37
Opening your Speech: Grab their Attention 00:02:50
Speech Body: 00:05:25
Speech Conclusion 00:02:23
Visual Aids : Make Your Speech Dazzle 00:03:06
Manner: How You Speak! 00:06:38
Preparation and Grooming 00:02:36
Being on Stage 00:02:08

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  1. Nice courses


    I recently completed Introduction to Public Speaking course by Mansi Agrawal. This is one of the best courses I have taken so far. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Public Speaking.

  2. Informative course


    Thank you for sharing your ideas. Its a very useful course to everyone.



    Well thank you so much for this.

  4. Best video series ever


    This is something i have found very helpful. Thanks Mansi Ji

  5. Very Informative and Useful


    Well thanks for the Persuasive Speech Video Tutorial. Greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!

  6. Changed my life!!!!!


    This is an awesome course and at the same time its a very useful one.

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