100+ Entertaining Speech Topics

Previously, public speeches used to follow a very formal and rigid structure. They were largely informative and only really done by leaders or organizations. Because of this, there wasn’t a draw to it for a large community of people. However, these days public speeches have become a lot more receptive to a more lighthearted and entertaining structure.

Integrating humor is no longer just looked at as informal but has in fact become its own umbrella of public speaking. These days entertaining a crowd is one of the number one recommended methods to keep them interested. But all of it begins with picking the right speech topic.

This is why we have below a list of over 100 entertaining speech topics for you to practice and pick from.

Let’s get right to it!

How to Deliver an Effective Entertaining Speech?

There is an art to delivering an entertaining speech. Like any other form of speech, it also has its own elements. To make sure your speech has it all, here are our tips on delivering an effective entertaining speech:

Choose an entertaining topic 

As we know, an entertaining topic is at the bane of an entertaining speech. Depending on the audience and the stage, you might have to filter exactly what is appropriate. You can either pick an outright funny topic or choose to add a fun spin to a typically serious topic. Both have their pros and it will be best to pick one that suits your sense of humor. 

Consider your audience 

The same joke is unlikely to work for different audiences. This is why any speech needs to be fine-tuned to the audience. These are the efforts that elevate your speech and make you stand out. In any setting, the most important thing to do is connecting to your audience. If your speech contains controversial elements, definitely re-check if the crowd will have a polarising reaction to it.

Plan laughter

An entertaining speech of course, comes with laughter. You can plan this laughter by either incorporating jokes, ridiculing yourself, or utilizing exaggeration. Absurdity has a great place to play in a humorous speech. To get a better idea, we recommend watching some standup comedians at work. You will see how some use grandiose elements, while some simply stick to punchlines with a casual delivery. You will need to experiment with these styles to know what comes more naturally to you.

Practice with an audience

Unlike informative and persuasive speeches, there is no way to know whether your entertaining speech hits the mark without trying it on someone. Your content might be hilarious to you but delivering it on stage and receiving silence can be extremely disheartening. Once you get your script ready, get a friend’s opinion. Be open to criticism and make the changes that you agree with. Getting their vote of confidence will also make you a lot more sure in your material for the day of the performance.

Practice your speech

This goes without saying. You need to practice your speech until there is a natural flow to it. Recording and listening to your speech will give you a better idea of the right tempo, pauses, and flow necessary to your delivery. Similarly, it can also help improve your body language. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will get with your content and the more effortlessly funny you will appear.

100+ Entertaining Speech Topics:

Entertaining Speech Topics

Persuasive Funny Topics:

  1. Smokers: they do it to look cool!
  2. There is nothing as tempting as prohibited activities.
  3. Why dogs are better than people.
  4. Atheists cannot like Godzilla, try Sciencezilla.
  5. Vegetarian food proved non-lethal to meat-eaters.
  6. In God we trust, that’s what the data concludes.
  7. Why it should be illegal for females to enter man caves.
  8. Children are the only ones benefiting from marriage.
  9. Cats think we are their slaves – why they are right!
  10. “If you think you are too insignificant to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”- Dalai Lama
  11. Growing up is a trap – don’t do it!
  12. Humans – creatures on two legs and ungrateful.
  13. Frequency of eating soup as a function of mustache type.
  14. Lumberjack beards draw cats to men.
  15. Flat Earth believers and GPS – it’s complicated.
  16. Truth will set you free, but first, it will hurt.
  17. Government doesn’t want you to know penguins are swallows who eat before sleep.
  18. Pigeons aren’t real.
  19. We shouldn’t fear a villain, just the smart ones.
  20. We don’t know the best criminal ever because they haven’t been caught.
  21. Twitter and the presidency, it’s complicated.
  22. Reusing birthday congratulation messages is just effective time management.
  23. All drivers were once pedestrians.

Informative and Funny Speech Topics:

  1. Underestimated art of eating with your mouth closed.
  2. Wake up world! This is a simulation!
  3. How to procrastinate like a professional.
  4. How glasses can make you look innocent.
  5. Life is too short to take it seriously.
  6. The answer to life, universe and everything: 42.
  7. If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done (but is still legal).
  8. Life’s tricks you with temptation.
  9. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s maybelline.
  10. Love does not die of starvation but rather, of indigestion.
  11. Second mouse gets less cheese but is also less exhausted.
  12. Why is there grass on the other side?
  13. Having a favorite problem: how optimism helps you tackle problems.
  14. “Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions”- Henry Longfellow
  15. What Tibetan monks would say about your Amazon cart.
  16. “Turn the other cheek” and other terrible advice.
  17. Offering soft toys as presents can effectively calm superiors.
  18. Banging head against the wall helps reduce stress but choose whose head is key
  19. Not washing hands after using the toilet as a predictor of sociopaths in children.
  20. Modern art is confusing – a visual presentation.
  21. If baby shampoo does not irritate eyes why do adults use shampoo that does?
  22. Bread always falls with butter downwards: A demonstation.
  23. What percentage of craziness counts as originality?
  24. Thanks to e-books, people cannot use an excuse that reading leads to deforestation.
  25. True friendships survive auto-correction mistakes, but best friendships frame them.
  26. Dunning-Kruger effect – correlation between incompetence and confidence in knowledge.
  27. When you are dead, you don’t feel anything but others suffer. Same as when you are stupid.
  28. Clowns are scary for a reason.
  29. Cats are proof people enjoy complicating their lives.
  30. Plants are proof that people don’t want to be loved back.
  31. Behind every man is a woman rolling her eyes.
  32. Behind every woman is a man blocking the drawer she needs to get to.
  33. Human nature tells Pinocchio would have kept lying if nobody knew.
  34. Ignorance is bliss.

Funny Speech Topics For Any Occasion:

  1. Stop worshiping the busy – we know you’re faking it!
  2. Quoting “Pulp fiction,” ketchup beats mayonnaise.
  3. Reading articles about overcoming procrastination is another form of procrastination.
  4. Procrastination without borders – uniting people worldwide: tomorrow.
  5. 50 shades of guilt – do dogs really regret as much as they act?
  6. A chicken is a way for an egg to get another egg.
  7. Being completely honest is a great way to lose friends.
  8. More of my friends are in hell than heaven, it can’t be so bad!
  9. Turning baseball caps for people without a personality.
  10. “If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it” – Baz Luhrmann.
  11. Responding to email spam and how I met my best friend.
  12. Why animals deserve more rights than some people.
  13. The parrot reign is over, crows make for much smarter pets.
  14. How to master the art of annoyance.
  15. What your favorite weather says about you.
  16. Why you need to eat the tastiest part of your meal first.
  17. Removing your birthday date on Facebook removes your right to get mad if people forget to wish you.
  18. How older siblings make you less egoistic.
  19. Why people don’t believe in horoscopes but still keep reading them.
  20. New self-care routine: blaming others for your problems to get relief.
  21. Learning through mistakes – the only kind of learning for most people.
  22. Forget your partner’s birthday once and they will make sure you remember it forever.
  23. Honey badgers as an example of fearlessness for us, humans.
  24. Robots will make us even lazier than we are.
  25. Naming babies with names of hurricanes causes them to be unpredictable.
  26. Stop marriages to reduce divorces.
  27. Cooking together to test compatibility.
  28. How your clothes affect the way you feel.
  29. How dressing your most hated clothes influences you throughout the day.
  30. Brainstorming while being drunk gives you a better perspective at a problem.
  31. Good shoes make a good person.
  32. “A moment alone with the phone” policy to ensure peace and harmony in young families.
  33. The way to a man’s heart goes through the stomach.
  34. Innovative karma concept – everything bad you do to others they must have deserved in previous lives.
  35. If you intend to tell someone what you think about them, make it a joke, otherwise they’ll kill you.
  36. May our lives one day be as we pretend on Facebook.
  37. Smart people seem crazy in the eyes of dumb.
  38. The smart ones don’t get caught up in pointless arguments.
  39. It’s a wonder realizing how weird I am and that I still have friends.
  40. Bats look like angels to mice – be careful who you idolize.
  41. Turning off the news to reduce the grip of fear from terrorism.
  42. “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”- Dale Carnegie.

Inspirational And Funny Topics:

  1. Adulthood: old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway.
  2. I am online, therefore I exist without sleep.
  3. Three ways to really know a person: Financial crisis, loss of a loved one, slow internet.
  4. Customers are rarely right – but it’s all about phrasing.
  5. Hot new tip for beginners – begin!
  6. Your main goal in life should be to die young as late as possible.
  7. Why don’t we snap green beans with our grandmothers anymore?
  8. People shouldn’t compare Freddie Mercury with God – he’s got style but he’s no Freddie Mercury.
  9. Life Tip: Pretend that you are helping children to get to play with their toys.
  10. Endorsing pot for better movie scripts.

Wrapping up,

Entertainment is a versatile field to pick for your public speech. What makes it so is that the topic is simply so vast. From the sheer variety of humor that can be applied to virtually any field to the different intricate aspects of each of them. You can choose to give a general overview of an aspect of life or zero in on an inspirational message. Similarly, from history, technology, to day-to-day activities, there is never a shortage of entertaining topics to add a humorous spin to. Life in general has a rich supply of humor, if you can simply find the right angle. Once you find your style of delivery, you are sure to ensure a good time for your audiences. Any entertaining topics typically work better with body language and vocal variety to properly convey your message. We hope our topics are able to aid your practice and help you pick a topic that suits your needs. All the best!