Toastmasters Advance Manual: The Entertaining Speaker – To err/make Mistakes is Human by Sadiksha Thapa

Advance Manual: The Entertaining Speaker

Assignment #3 : Make Them Laugh


  • To prepare a humorous speech drawn from personal experience
  • To strengthen the speech by adapting and personalizing humorous material from outside sources
  • To deliver the speech in a way that makes the humor effective


5 – 7 Minutes


Hello and Good evening fellow toastmasters and guests,

Entering People’s personal Zone:                                  

I am sorry I didn’t realize you all were watching. This is what happens when you’re caught off guard doing something (most of the time) utter stupid tasks especially when you think you’re alone. Surely, not all of us are smart enough or aren’t bound to act like “Home Alone” child.

For example- If it was TM Ravi, he would be sitting in the baba jee position delivering Gyan full message to more than 1200 people may be in Tudhikhel.

If it was TM Ankit while he is in his bath tub, he might be pulling off a stunt like SRK with yesteryear heroines around him while he is lazing in the tub.

Lastly, our Toastmaster of the Evening, TM Shraddha dressed in Marilyn Monroe epic white dress with fan swaying away her dress and of course puppies (com’on she is a dog lover, she has to imagine this alone) all around her helping her with the dress.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

As they say a good girl is a girl who never gets caught. So, until these funny imagination people dwell in are caught it never actually counts for a silly mistake but even if it is counted they are human and it’s human to err.

Entering the Business World :

Talking about mistakes, being a business administration student, lets us explore the sophisticated world of corporate world.

Imagine a Marwa … I mean imagine an entrepreneur or an employer in a corporate scenario. A man tall, dark and with a pot belly who owns a company.

He is not some normal man, this guy was recently interviewed by BBC on a special report on Managing Employees : Asian Eye View

The journalist asked him to talk about the organization.

He said : Even though I would like to say that our organization won the ISO certificate recently, most of our employees are from the top business school of the Nation and that share price of our company is exceeding that of other industry. But I don’t want to share all those I just want to share that thanks to Rajni Sir – Our business is doing better than last year.

She said: Thank-you sir. How about the employees? How many are working in your company?

He said : Approximately half of them work.

While he has effectively branded his company with this interview where he also shared another high level thinking which is he doesn’t do any under the table (hand gesture), he straight away pulls it over the table because he thinks its human to err…WELL NO. This is because he thinks its ok to incentivized for doing some favor.

Kudos to his thoughts don’t you think 😉

As a business student, talking too much about the business world gives me this vision (As the picture below)…and anyways I have commitment phobia.


Even though I do have commitment problem, I also have weird problem with returning back to something I have left unfinished again.

SO, another corporate folly that I have noticed is what is happening due to globalization. Have you noticed, the weird problems that cultural diversity due to globalization poses? With globalization I don’t mean when American or Germans come as son in law or daughter in law. I mean the corporate globalization where an American is working with a Middle Eastern and he casually gives him a thumbs up which in the Middle Eastern world is equal to a very offensive sign a lot of youth have replaced hello with.

Well, handling corporate follies isn’t a CHILD’s play!

Entering the Yesteryear World:

Talking about CHILD’s play, even uttering the word, makes me feel really full of aww. I love kids.

If this was my kid (bottle) the first gesture of mine after seeing my baby with tears in my eyes would be muah muah muah muah. Just imagine If I would do that to my kid, so how much adulation I must be having for my own junior self. Well, it’s beyond description.

Let me take to you to my childhood – a cute little girl who never really used to play with Barbie, and didn’t prefer cars or basketball- because obviously even today the only sport I play is sleeping…alone, mind it 😉 .

I used to play family games where I used to be the mother and my other cousin used to be a father and we used to take leaves and make food and then wait for my cousin. On Friday, the daddy and mommy also used to go for candle light dinners because then there used to be load shedding every Friday those days.

Talking about my personality, I used to have severe confidence issues … I used to be over-confident regarding everything. With a overconfident personality, btw this personality was only around my family members I concealed very well outside my home territory for security reasons (because outside my home- other people used to give a “baal” or care to my attitude, so I didn’t spend it there, see business student tendency ROI).


Anyways I used to rebel furiously with an overconfident attitude – like a jurnior che guivera (action- rumal around my head and chalk stains on my cheek) I used to rebel for the rights of students who fail or score mediocre grades. I used to fight for their rights because it’s all about inclusiveness, if I won’t speak for the rights of these students who don’t study or play video games 24*7 or if it’s me supports ekta Kapoor K-mania, these students should not be judged or considered low and be given the red card instead of a yellow that’s demotivating on every which level. How dare they judge us or students like me.

So, from a young age when students used to work really hard on algebra, I had the conceptual skill to know that when I become a superstar one daya, when I come out of the limousine in my sleek smooth dress with smooth straight hair. Making my entry out of the limousine slowly and dazzle audience with my glance…Like I am doing right now.… the journalist isn’t going to ask Ms. Sadiksha please let our audience know if a-2, b-3 what is a+ b … yeah duh . So, why should I waste my time doing it.

With this rebellious attitude I impressed a lot of uncles – well, I was obliged to call them uncles because they were my father’s friend.

Entering the Zen Zone: World of forgiveness (Conclusion)

With all kinds of mistakes such as friends who eat and talk simultaneously, the friends who tell you the ending of the story, they spill beer on you, elbows you, corrects your lyrics while you’re are so emotionally in it or corrects your grammar

Even though these are all mistakes forgive them after all they are human, people because it’s human to err or make mistakes and divine to forgive.