Toastmaster speech 4: How to say it

In our company there are wide-open opportunities for professional growth with a company that enjoys an enviable record for stability in the dynamic atmosphere of aerospace technology.

How many times did you have to read the above sentence to understand its meaning? Now imagine someone speaking in a similar manner for an entire time span of six minutes. Would you really understand the speech?

Toastmaster project 4, “How to say it”, is about using communicative language to make the speech comprehensible and interesting.


a) Use of powerful words

Words can be very powerful. This projects expects you to use powerful communicative words in your speech. Selection of words is crucial. Words have the ability to stir your imagination into the audience mind.

b) Avoid Jargons

It is important to keep in mind that most of the time your audience will be from various backgrounds. Avoid using words that professionals use and are difficult for others to understand. Chose words that are common and are more likely to be known by everyone.

c) Use of correct grammar and pronunciation

Using grammatically correct sentence is always a plus point. This projects expects you to use sentences that are free of grammatical errors. The way you pronounce a word can also

Evaluation Criteria

a) Was your topic appropriate?

This projects demand you to conjure up an imagination in the audience. The sensations of the audience should be stirred up by your speech.  Not every topic has the ability to meet the purpose of this project. Chose a descriptive topic. The better you describe it, the more emotionally and sensually you will move the audience.

b) Use of communicative language

Being descriptive doesn’t mean you have to incorporate the entire dictionary into a speech. Use simple and relevant words. Communicate with the audience. Your ability to connect with the audience will determine your success in this project.

c) Rhetorical devices

You will be evaluated on the basis of the use of rhetorical devices. Rhetorical devices are helpful in building excitement among the audience. However, if used incorrectly or overused, the speech will appear to be too fake and boring. Wisely incorporate rhetorical devices in your speech.

d) Grammatical and pronunciation errors

The lesser the grammatical and pronunciation errors, the better you will be appreciated for your speech. It you manage to deliver it error free, and no doubt you can, then you will have aced your speech!

e) Purpose of the speech

You speech should be effectively organized. The opening, body and closing should be drafted well. The organization of your speech must meet its purpose.

Tips and Technique

a) Use short and specific words

Avoid using jargons. Acknowledge the difference in level of education and understanding of the audience. Use words that are short and vivid. Vivid words will build the interest and excitement of your speech. For instance, instead of “see” use glare, gaze or glimpse.

b) Speak for the ears

Your listener’s need to grasp everything as quickly as it’s spoken. Be as communicative as possible. Keep the sentence short.  Keep in mind that your words are reaching human ears and not being entered into pages of a book or a magazine.  

c) Stir the imagination of the audience

Be as descriptive as possible. Use sensory word to make the audience feel what you feel, see what you see and taste what you taste. Play with words to create an immersive description. For instance, the plump purple grapes in the bowl looked tantalizing.

d)  Be creative

Creatively design your speech. Use metaphors and similes to describe the situation or your feelings. For instance, “as brave as a lion” or “her lovely voice was music to his ears.

What will you benefit?

  1.      You will understand the importance of connecting to the audience using descriptive words.
  2.      You will learn how to create excitement among your listener’s only by choosing the right kind of words.  
  3.      Your creativity in creating a speech will be polished.

Sample Speeches