Toastmasters Advance Manual: The Entertaining Speaker – That Girl in Red Dress by Sadiksha Thapa

Advance Manual: The Entertaining Speaker

Assignment #2 : Resources for Entertainment


  • Draw entertaining material from sources other than your own personal experience.
  • Adapt your material to suit your topic, your own personality and the audience.


5 – 7 Minutes


Panchebaja welcomes the audience.

Amidst Red dress, red bangles, red sindoor, laughters, reuinion, tears, jagya she gets married. Wedding are not just the groom and the brides day but of the Family members too because after all as Chetan Bhagat, the so called Rakhi Sawant of English Literature, said that marriages happens when:

Girl’s family love the boy, Boy’s family love the girl.

Girl’s family love the boy’s family, boy’s family love the girl’s family.

The boy and girl still love each other.

These family members are not just IMPORTANT but a wedding day is incomplete without them.

Far off relatives

When my friend Smriti got married she was quite entertained. Thanks to the games that far off relatives played with her. As they congratulated her and give her gifts mostly the liquid cash ! Well, if it was someone like CA TM Puspa he might decide to buy stocks but she hasn’t quite figured out what/how is it to be spent (ah ah I am derailing). So, as she is congratulated in such a busy day, these relatives still seek validation and play a peculiar game known as the “GUESS!! WHO AM I? … Nevertheless, she did find out the answer to the “WHO AM I ?” question though which is they were pretty annoying.

These relatives weren’t just biased towards my friend though, they went around and even entertained her other cousins particularly the single ones. Single cousins like TM Ankit were cornered by these older relatives who would point fingers at the couple and say “Now bachhu , YOU’RE NEXT !” to these cousins, who had major issues with marriage which I would like to refer as “proximity fearing” or as they say “Commitment Phobianess”. Both of these trait which I can understand totally 😉 ;). However at this point when these cousins are cornered by the senior citizen they must be thinking “Next time we go to a funeral. I am going to say “YOU’RE NEXT” to you, senior citizens”.

Different Breeds of Cousins

Why just that, my friend Smriti witnessed various breeds of others cousins because the irritated cousins who are being coaxed to marry next weren’t enough :p.

  1. First kind after the irritated kinds were the SUPER-EXCITED COUSINS. These cousins were more excited than the bride and the groom. They poured all their excitement out through preparation of movies, audio visuals depicting Smriti’s notorious childhood, songs stating how the groom would be hit hard if he creates problem for Smriti, dance routine with all family members involved and these cousins even accompanied her in all the crazy wedding shopping trips.
  2. The second kind were the EXPERIENCED COUSINS who came to Smriti with sober tone to provide her with hacks to for a happy married life which encompassed all the how to modules of successful marriage like “How to treat your in-laws, how to select the first gift to your partner, what/how to cook on the first day, how to carry yourself, how to impress your partner and so on “.
  3. The third kind were the LAZY COUSIN for whom your marriage was a mini vacation from their busy life so they didn’t even pick a tooth pick let alone do major wedding arrangement. There excuse was that they would HAVE to be back on the grind after Smriti’s wedding is over.
  4. The forth kind were THE FLIRTMASTERS for whom Smriti’s wedding was a date hunt for themselves or mere flirting ground around with the options around, but yeah they do tread carefully.
  5. Last kind were the GLAMOROUS cousins. Right from their dress, makeup and hairstyle, everything were perfect and trendy, these cousins definitely made Smriti feel insecure and all the wedding extravaganza was actually to beat these cousins from stealing her thunder. GO Smriti 😀 :D.

“American” Friends

Smriti already had a handful, now there were cherries on top of the extravagant cake. The cherries by the way is a metaphor for her FOREINGER FRIENDS whom she met when she was graduating in USA.

These friends stay by her side to watch the rich culture. At the start of the wedding ceremony they get super excited and say “OMG! WHAT A RICH CULTURAL EXPERIENCE, THE COLORS, THE LIGHTS” (American Accent during the speech, ask me to do this if you happen to meet me ;)) and ask her cousin all kinds of questions and utter “wow wow wow…” BUT these friends by the time she is half way done with few process such as purnaputro come to her and say “WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END”. However one logical observation they make is this is why Nepalese have such low divorce rate, who can go through this sheer torture again!!

Dulahi Aanmaune

Even though Smriti is forced by her parents to act feminine and act a little shy “like a bride” (quoting them). She doesn’t feel the shyness organically because she feels this is the day to enjoy because it marks the declaration of a lifelong friendship with a man you can talk to about gardening, soap operas AND even your worst insecure feelings (Transport TO FUTURE…I acted oh so dreamy in the speech) and say “DO YOU LOVE ME” , “IF I HAVE MY LEG amputated , WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME” or “IF I DIE will you get intimate with someone else ?”…

COMING BACK to the wedding day Smriti is like any other GIRL IN HER RED DRESS THAT DAY wishing for a happily ever after which, by the way is not just a fairy tale, even though there will be bumps and few bombs along the way 😉

Cheers to that girl in RED DRESS !!

P.S. – Caps lock and exclamation basically marks the vocal variety used during the speech.