Toastmasters Project #2: Organization & Efficiency by TM Saheel Baral

Being organized means being disciplined. Being organized means knowing what to do, when to do and with what to do that you’re about to do. Being organized means being efficient and an amazing time management professional. And time management, whether you’re a doctor, an engineer or a lover boy – is mandatory. So how does being organized benefit you? It makes you efficient, professional and an incredible time manager.

Fellow toastmasters and dear guests. If you’re present today it means you’re going to go through a roller coaster ride, yet, an organized one.

At the end of this speech you will learn about some of the most basic things on being organized in life professionally. And organization in life is the one of the very few common characteristics that successful people in the eyes of the society have today.

So let’s learn about the 3 most important activities to lead an organized professional life.

Number 1: Write it down!

Write everything down
Write everything down

One of the greatest lies in mankind – I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember it. And it is that very moment when the journey of forgetfulness and disorganization starts. I’ll be honest – I never thought about writing things I need to remember before I started researching for this topic. I appreciate TM Rishav’s gesture of writing things down. After the whole session is over you can go and ask him if it’s worth it – I’m sure his reply justifies my point.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you a material that’s going to make your life good and organized. It’s this sticky note. You can even carry a notebook and a pen if you want if you are a working professional. And there is always our Memo app on android and iOS. So, remember the first activity to an organized life: Write it down…… Write it down!

Number 2: Schedule everything: know what to do and when to do it.


Don’t waste time. Japanese take using Facebook as wasting time. Americans take it as enjoying; like John Lennon said: Time you wasted enjoying is not time wasted. But organized people schedule everything. For a successful person, every moment counts. Being organized means always looking for something to do. For example: when you’re having a break at work, and you have nothing to do and nobody is around to talk, open Microsoft word and start typing your speech. At least that’s what I have tried to do. And not wasting time does not mean doing something all the time, but you can take a break or have fun at the bar with your friends on weekends.

You can use your mobile phone. Use the technology to keep you updated with life. Every second you waste is costing you money. That’s why – one of life greatest life hack: utilize your time. If you’re at an airport waiting to board your plane, write just like TM Shashank does. When you’re on a networking break, build contacts just like TM Brijen does. He goes around asking people what they do and where they do – and ask him if it’s all for a reason. And, my personal favorite, when you’re on a queue waiting for someone or even on the bike to your work: practice your speech but make sure nobody sees your talking to yourself.

Number 3: Do not procrastinate.

Do not Procrastinate
Do not Procrastinate

Toastmasters are a victim or procrastination. We have a month to prepare for a speech and yet we open Microsoft Word to type for it during the very end. By not procrastinating: you use up your time and with practice you become and better manager of time, you get things done and you get things done!

But the question: how do we not procrastinate? How can we resist? It feels so good! Right?

Whenever I ask this question to myself, I remember what TM Kavi said: It’s always good to treat yourself after you do something good. One of the best ways to stop procrastination and get things done is to learn to reward yourself after you have done something. The moment you realize that the pleasure from achievement of goal is far greater than the pleasure of sleeping it off – you’re on the right track my friend.

Before I take off, here is a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger, modified by me. Here it goes. “The most beautiful feeling in the world is when you go to bed and know that you did something with so much energy and passion. The feeling is even more special when you realize that you were working your sweat off, you were busy sharpening yourself when people just like you were procrastinating their life off.”

Over to you toastmaster.

The speech is from Competent Communicator Manual: Project 2 – Organise Your Speech. The speech objective is to organise an idea to prompt understanding.