Toastmasters Speech 7: Research Your Topic

There will always be more to the subject than you think you know. It is okay to have confidence over your knowledge. However curiosity might help you explore new dimensions of the subject which otherwise you were unaware of.

Project 7 encourages you to research your topic and fill in the gaps by incorporating your research to support your speech.


The main objective of this project is to collect information that are relevant to your speech and use them to support your views and opinions.

Evaluation Criteria

1.     Supporting Materials

Your supporting material should be appropriate. Your research material should support your speech and fill in the gaps. They should be used to increase the credibility of your speech.

2.     Speech organization

Select your topic that requires research. It is advisable to choose a subject you already and research on it to fill in the gaps and use collected information to support your subject. Your speech organization should meet its purpose.

Tips and Techniques

1.     Anticipatory questions

Contemplate the questions the audience would have. If you do not happen to find answers to these questions within your brain, research it. You can list out the possible questions that could arise before approaching it.

2.     Use different sources

Do not merely depend upon websites. Use materials from magazines, books, newspapers, or other research articles. Avoid using websites that can be edited by anyone.

3.     Your speech shouldn’t be the research

Do not overuse information, facts, figures and statistics in your speech. You need to use only because it is important and not because the information is awe striking. You need to use research to support your speech. Your speech isn’t the research.

4.     Use comprehensible information

Not every information collected is easily understood. Use the information collected and relate it to everyday life. Filter the information and use only the ones that can be easily understood.

What will you benefit?

You will learn how to select relevant information to support your speech. By incorporating supporting materials, your speech will be more attractive and interesting to listen to.

Sample Speech