300 Funny Speech Topics to Tickle Some Funny Bones!

Funny speech topics are usually difficult to turn up with. Yet, presenting this kind of speech might put you in trouble if you do not decide on the topic properly.

Better research on the topics motivating starting point. You will be happy to see smiles and laughter on your audience’s faces when you share the funny speech.

Besides, presenting a speech is challenging, and adding humor makes your speech interesting. Successful humor will entertain the listener.

It can break down professed barriers between you and the audience. This article gives some ways to use humor to your advantage while delivering the speech.

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A funny speech recommends a joyful response from the audience from the start of the speech. Here every tone and gesture prognosis the significance with the audience.

The general belief and preference appear from the funny speech topic you choose. This type of speech also helps to differentiate you from others in a similar area.

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Indeed, public speech is full of fun usually when humor is added to them. The main usage of humor is to convince the audience with your overview. This can move a long way convincing your solution is the correct one.

For most people, delivering a speech can be like sitting on the cactus plant. It is a great responsibility and with intense pressure.

Due to nervousness, we do not desire to deliver a speech in front of a crowd of audiences.

A speech helps to communicate with an audience allowing them to understand a specific side of a topic. The language, volume, confidence, and body language matter while delivering the speech.

Adding a little humor both in your speech and topic will help to cut the stress. The article deals with funny speech topic ideas for every type of speaker. Relevant to the age group of your audience, better select the topic and carry out the proper research.

How to deliver an effective funny speech?

funny speech topics

1. Research and find the topic

While deciding on the topic, think about the quality of your speech. It should not only depend on the topic you choose.

Better think about and make a list of the things you enjoy talking about the most. Point out the topics which you understand better and can be funny at the same time.

This might exclude some topics which are difficult to deliver a funny speech. Such topics are poverty, funeral, domestic violence, and much more. Better make proper use of the list and decide on the prospective topic.

2. Consider and understand your audience

Before working on the speech, remember who you are going to deliver the speech. It will be better if you consider and understand your audience. Here are some questions to think about:

  • What is the common age of your listener?
  • What does your audience have in general?
  • What kind of speech do they desire to hear?
  • What kind of funny speech did they expect to appreciate?

3. Decide the type of speech you are going to deliver

There are two types of speech. They are humorously informative and humorous speeches. You have to choose among them

A humorously informative speech delivers the information to the audience making them laugh. Besides, a firmly humorous speech aims to make the audience laugh.

Suppose, you are delivering a speech whose main aim is to deliver information or ideas. Here, you might desire to integrate humor while thinking about the ideas you want to deliver. Better draft the revealing part of your speech initially, then include jokes and humor.

4. Decide your ideas and goal

After you decide on the topic, you have to focus on the main points of the speech. Think about the key message you desire to get across.

Do not forget to select a particular topic. If the foremost topic is extremely wide, your speech might not be fruitful. These types of speech are hard to complete in a short time.

5. Think about your main points

Think about the main points and use the devising procedure to turn up prospective points. This helps to discuss and support your main idea. Get rid of anything that does not match the topic. Better do not speak on the points that you do not feel comfortable talking about. You can also pick up your strongest points and choose which ones to comprise.

6. Deliver the speech clearly and understandably

Most of us get 25% of what we learn by hearing. Since your audiences listen to your speech, make sure your language is clear and simple. Unlike writing, speech deals with delivering speaking on the relevant topic.

Here, the audience will be less agreed with the details of sentence structure. They will be more agreed to your complete message.

Also, pay more attention to the expressions while presenting the speech. Avoid too long and complicated sentences. Since these types of sentences will be difficult to follow.

7. Use vivid and particular adjective

Clear and direct sentence structures are improved the way you express words. These words should be as vivid as possible. The more expressive a word is, the fewer needed to converse a similar concept.

8. Get inspired

It is much east to talk about humor when you are in a humorous mood. It is much east to talk about humor when you are in a humorous mood. So, earlier than presenting the funny speech, be inspired by the things you find humorous and entertaining.

You can also:

  • Make some time for funny movies, television shows, or comedians.
  • Read the work done by your favourite entertaining writers.
  • Focus more when you make people round you laugh. Note the things you do or say that entertains people and the way you do it.

9. Record the speech you practice

It is better to video record when you practice the speech. Doing this allows you to observe and tweak both your vocal and physical performance.

But if you are unable to take video, and audio recording can be useful as well.

Observe or listen to the recording to look for the points where the speech lags or where your tone goes down.

Assure you are not presenting too quickly or too slow. Make sure you do not jiggle or say “um” excessively. It can be uncomfortable to listen to yourself. Yet, doing this helps to improve your presentation.

270 Funny Speech Topics 

Find here the list of funny speech topics. Read the topic and make sure you practice more for a good result.

Persuasive Funny Speech Topics

  1. Why you should never participate in a food challenge
  2. Describing a yo-yo to an alien
  3. Practical guide to a toothache
  4. How do I fire my boss?
  5. Breakup insurance policy: A must have
  6. Life should come with a soundtrack
  7. A petition for comfortable lingerie.
  8. How to Kill Your Goldfish
  9. How to Lose the Guy of Your Dreams
  10. Bad pick up lines are better than good pick up lines.
  11. Sometimes I talk to myself because I need intelligent conversation
  12. If failures are a stepping stone, I’ve built myself a ladder to heaven
  13. Never start a diet on a Monday
  14. Netflix is a hobby
  15. My birthday should be a national holiday
  16. Shoes tell a lot about a person: Crocs for all!
  17. Why braces are cool
  18. The Strangest Person I Ever Met –
  19. Eating things you don’t like
  20. Children’s Nursery Rhymes: The real meaning behind them
  21. Internet dating: The best way to find love
  22.  Why the Barbie Doll is an icon
  23. Why Mom knows best
  24. A man’s right to wear skirts
  25. If I were the Lord of Misrule…
  26. Mistaken identity: Why I am commonly confused with a movie star.
  27. Is the ‘Force’ with you?
  28. My best chat-up lines
  29. The worst chat-up lines ever
  30. Why I prefer dogs over people
  31. Homer Simpson for President
  32. How to Flunk Out of College
  33. Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys
  34. Shifting the blame: the only way to handle difficult situations
  35. Talk Shows: Airing Our Dirty Laundry
  36. Taylor Swift: A Role Model For Today’s Youth
  37. Jared, the Subway Guy: His Rise to the Top
  38. Bollywood movies and Illuminati
  39. We Are the People Our Parents Warned us About
  40. Everything I Needed to Know in Life, I Learned in Kindergarten
  41. Guaranteed Ways to Ruin Your Credit
  42. Blaming your dog for things
  43. Blaming your horoscope for why things went wrong
  44. Protection from Zombies
  45. People with mediocre talents have success and high talented people haven’t.
  46. How teachers spend their time when they are not teaching.
  47. Coffee tastes bitter, but we want it anyway.
  48. Are the final exams in schools rigged?
  49. Why are Dads so weird?
  50. Reasons why I love doing nothing around the house.
  51. Internet surfing is a workout.
  52. Every child should get a cootie shot.
  53. The funniest amusement parks.
  54. Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys
  55. How to deny reality.
  56. Wine/beer/cocktail of the month.
  57. Why I don’t want to be a millionaire.
  58. When I resign, I will …
  59. For her/him who doesn’t have to do it, nothing is impossible.
  60. Once a month, the school should allow kids to host a food fight.
  61. Short guys are closer to your heart.
  62. Halloween shouldn’t be the only holiday when we get to wear costumes.
  63. My younger/elder sibling(s) should treat me like a king/queen.
  64. Men should never wear skinny jeans.
  65. Why older women do not want to admit their age.
  66. Why women say they hate sports.
  67. Why casino players actually are sad people.
  68. Why smart people don’t know they have the wrong ideas.
  69. Women marry much younger men.
  70. What if plants had feelings?
  71. Your guide to life.
  72. Who runs the world? No really, who’s in charge?
  73. Eating flowers is possible.
  74. Happy puppies make humans happy.
  75. Urban running acrobatics.
  76. Personal bloopers are great funny topics for a speech.
  77. What women really say when they talk to men.
  78. Answers on the meaning of life.
  79. A true story that isn’t true in the end.
  80. How to pass the blame like a pro
  81. Why men like action and women like romance movies.
  82. Five requirements to be called a bestie by girlfriends.
  83. Why rose is the best flowers’ fragrance many women like.
  84. The power of foot reading
  85. Chasing idle dreams is a good habit.
  86. Rare speed limits and the reasons why.
  87. What women really say when they talk to men?
  88. In a fight between superheroes, who will win the battle?
  89. Life with Harry Potter.
  90. Calorie counts should be listed on all foods.
  91. Cleaning your room is overrated.
  92. Why men are proud of themselves.
  93. Ways to remember birthdays.
  94. My most profitable mistake.
  95. How to find funny speech topics in 24 hours.
  96. How to bunk college
  97. How to do make up like a joker
  98. Why is cheating not included in the course curriculum?
  99. For her/him who doesn’t have to do it, nothing is impossible.
  100. Why I don’t want to be a millionaire.
  101. Wine/beer/cocktail of the month.
  102. What to do on a desert island.
  103. Things to do in the traffic jam.
  104. How to cope with troubles at a family reunion.
  105. Why men are proud of themselves.
  106. Why I don’t need money or cash.
  107. The Ten Commandments in a restaurant boys and girls room.
  108. Why people look like their dogs.
  109. Top 5 bad business slogans.
  110. How lazy students still survive and succeed in life.
  111. Why my – any fun speech topic – looks cooler than the … of my neighbor.
  112. Answers on the meaning of life.
  113. Why you need to lie.
  114. Chasing idle dreams is a good habit.
  115. A true story that isn’t true in the end.

Informative Funny Speech Topics

  1.  What do teachers do off duty?
  2. A guide to efficient lazyness
  3. How to juggle
  4. How to carve a pumpkin
  5. How to catwalk
  6. How to apply face paint
  7. Offending your parents: The proper way to do it.
  8. Why exercise is a scam
  9. What to say on a first date
  10. What not to say on a first date
  11.      How to sell yourself: A guide to proper prostitution
  12. How to survive a blind date
  13. How to survive as an incompetent person
  14. How to cheat at Monopoly
  15. The 3 biggest lies at school
  16. How you can tell when you’re drunk
  17. Why the chicken crossed the road: An analysis
  18. Questions not to ask people
  19. The worst jokes ever
  20. The best jokes ever
  21. The art of making cereal
  22. How to give your dog a pill
  23. How to cheat at poker
  24. How to dance the twist
  25. What to do with cold custard
  26. What Not to Say on a Date
  27. What Not to Wear on a Date
  28. Divorce: The escape you’ve been seeking
  29. How to Screw up a Job Interview
  30. How to Ruin a Good Thing
  31. How to Fail at Dieting
  32. How to Change a Baby’s Diaper (Use a doll)
  33. How to Succeed in College Without Attending Class
  34. How to Get Out of A Speeding Ticket
  35. How to Survive on Minimum Wage
  36. America’s Dumbest Criminals
  37. Celebrities Behaving Badly
  38. An Idiot’s Guide to Cooking Frozen Dinners
  39. Is this a sign? Learning sign language.
  40. Get Rich Quick
  41. Marketing tactics and why they work
  42. How to Succeed as a Freeloader
  43. How to Catch a Cheater
  44. Mastering the art of passive aggressiveness
  45. Napoleon Dynamite: An American Hero
  46. American Idol
  47. The McDonald’s Diet
  48. Adam Sandler
  49. Best Excuses For Missing Work
  50. How to Cheat on a Test
  51. Unique uses for duct tape
  52. Fun with super glue
  53. Quote Shakespeare like a pro
  54. Yodel like a professional
  55. Eating well on $5.00 a day
  56. My apology for global warming
  57. How to grow grits for fun and profit
  58. Getting over your fear of speech making
  59. Plausible conspiracy theories
  60. Thanksgiving dinner in three easy steps
  61. How to be a charming host at any event.
  62. The art of being unbearable
  63. 10 ways to irritate a telemarketer.
  64. 10 ways to freak out your roommate.
  65. What are dentists truly after?
  66. How to drive the baby-sitter crazy.
  67. How to cheat poker the nice way.
  68. How to Lose the Guy of your dreams
  69. The secret to a successful Thanksgiving dinner
  70. Tips for merging two households.
  71. Why modern art is a scam.
  72. Do’s and Don’ts for a first pregnancy
  73. Five ways to keep a boring conversation going at a cocktail party.
  74. Bare funny facts about men.
  75. Funny facts about women.
  76. Small things to appreciate for a happy life.
  77. How to perform a convincing fake laugh.
  78. Crazy rules men wish women knew. 
  79. How to find funny speech topics in 24 hours.
  80. How to give your dog or cat a pill.
  81. How to determine you are addicted to the Internet.
  82. How to throw a paper airplane in class.
  83. What really happened to the toothfairy.
  84. Ten things you’ve learned from your pet.
  85. How to become a rat and make a fortune.
  86. 10 ways to order pizzas.
  87. Why do rock stars break their guitars on stage?
  88. What women really say when they talk to men?
  89. The secret behind the most popular tattoos.
  90. Worst birthday presents ever.
  91. Why must I clean my room every day
  92. What magicians don’t want you to know: Magic’s biggest secrets.
  93. A handy list of excuses to get out of doing things
  94. How to learn from your parent’s mistakes.
  95. How to get – more – Valentine’s Day cards next year.
  96. How to turn the Academy Awards ceremony into funny event
  97. Why do most mainstream songs make no sense at all?
  98. What you can’t say in public.
  99. Making a mud pack facial
  100. Tips for buying gifts everybody wants.
  101. Disney theme songs to suit your life.
  102. Unexpected disasters that can happen.
  103. How to determine you are addicted to the Internet.
  104. Ten fun things to do during an exam.
  105. Ten ways to order a pizza.
  106. What are your dreams trying to tell you?
  107. Worst marriage counseling advice.
  108. Interesting ancient remedies
  109. How to get fired in three easy steps.
  110. How to not promote your products online.
  111. Do all pop songs sound the same?
  112. Three elements to creating the next catchy hit.
  113. Odd foods that you have to try.
  114. Is tiktok a legitimate career?
  115. Cheating: The proper way to do it

Impromptu Funny Speech Topics

  1. If I ruled the World…
  2. My most effective hangover cure
  3. My Most Embarrassing Moment
  4. Are white lies ok?
  5. How I ran away from home
  6. Unhappily Ever After
  7. Funny job applicant stories.
  8. Being the older child and depression: Coincidence?
  9. Why the youngest child deserves her own holiday!
  10. Which celebrity would you like to meet and why?
  11.      How I choose friends.
  12. The one time I made my parents proud
  13. Humor or intelligence: What is the preferred trait?
  14. Favourite cartoon characters
  15. My American Idol audition
  16. A ghost that you want to hang out with
  17. Last day at school/college
  18. The party that went wrong
  19. The joke that backfired
  20. If I had a time machine
  21. Out of the Mouth of a Child
  22. Speech topics are tough
  23. Funny Names to call your tutors
  24. Are uniforms necessary?
  25. My first day at school
  26. My worst nightmare…
  27. My best April Fool’s prank
  28. My Most Embarrassing Moment
  29. Funniest Childhood Memory
  30. My worst day ever
  31. The perfect television advertisement
  32. How I ruined a good date.
  33. How real love is different from movies?
  34. Caught in a Compromising Position
  35. Tales From Scribbles on the Bathroom Wall
  36. A Time I Got Arrested
  37. My 15 Minutes of Fame
  38. The end justifies the means
  39. Your most hated household chore
  40. Cancel all the seasons other than summer.
  41. Men behaving badly
  42. Women behaving badly
  43. Practical Jokes
  44. April Fool’s Day
  45. The Bogeyman
  46. Blind Dates
  47. Demonstrate tasting wine in a humorous way.
  48. If I was my boss, then …
  49. My most profitable mistake.
  50. Funny computer terms and phrases.
  51. Funny holidays in other countries.
  52. My most embarrassing moment
  53. The strangest thing I’ve ever met anyone
  54. Funniest Childhood Memory
  55. My first day at school
  56. Procrastinators unite! ..Tomorrow?
  57. Funny first date experiences.
  58. Funny job applicant stories.
  59. Funny holidays in other countries.
  60. What I don’t understand about fashion.
  61. Bare funny facts about men.
  62. Funny facts about women.
  63. Funny Names to call your tutors
  64. My motto: I´m flexible by indecision
  65. How I choose friends.
  66. The time I Ran Away From Home.
  67. Worst present I’ve ever gotten
  68. Unusual incidents.
  69. Does the perfect man exist?
  70. Crazy things to do in the supermarket.

Funny Speech Videos


The guide and topics for humorous speech should get you started with your funny speech. Let me know what you think about this article by commenting below.